Going Live!

Painting to live music!

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I’ve been asked to share a bit about the process, so here goes!

This process of art, is called Intuitive art. It’s a deep practice on many levels. You leave all expectations behind, purely going with the flow of energy inside and out. There are no mistakes. Surrendering, fully letting go, trusting yourself in the process, what shows up has a purpose to teach us. It’s a brave journey, one much like a labyrinth– you have a starting point but you have no idea of the how, or the end result, but trusting your intituion that you will get there. Being present in the very moment.

Going Live-

A place to completely surrender to, leaving any ideas of what the piece will become or images to put into it..allowing the person you are painting with, to possibly paint or change over what you have just done- being in a space that is totally free, letting your brush be your guide. In this case the brush and band were our guides, a dream team they were!

We just let it flow and TRUSTED ourselves, and each other. We painted together, one the same piece, at the same time for the entire show. We flowed with such ease and grace, it was amazing! Neither one of us had ever done this before, let alone in front of 100 + people!  We painted each piece on wood, not canvas- which gives you totally different effects with the paints!

I feel truly blessed to have had this experience and made so many beautiful connections with folks.

First show at Higher Ground:

photo copy 22The Dream Team-  a Collaboration of 18 women came together for two nights in a tribute to women on the darker side.

The starting point of our 1st piece:

photo copy 24

Letting it flow:

Suki & Jen


Tribal Dancers:

Jen painting at Higher Ground

The magic was born:

1st night

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Second night at Positive Pie show:

This 2nd show was a bit more challenging for a couple reasons, one- our space was significantly smaller to work in, two- we had no lighting, yes, that’s right! We only had small candles- and the lights from the stage. We literally could not see what colors we were painting with until the show was over. Some deep trust was at play!

Starting point for the second show:

1st layer 2nd show

Jen 2nd night

Born from the depth of the darkness:

2nd night candles

The Raven showed up!

photo copy 30Southwestern tribes heralded the Raven as the bringer of light that escaped from the darkness of the cosmos. Thus, they associate this bird with creation because it brought light where there was none.
Because Raven’s fly high toward the heavens, they can take prayers from the people to the heavens and, in turn, bring back messages from the spiritual realm.

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