Soul Tribe

My Secret Art Project reveled!


I’ve been a part of this on-line private group for a while now,  it’s a diverse group of women, who come from across the globe. It’s a magical group to say the least!

The women in this group have become so important in my life, they are full of love, support and inspiration. It’s hard to express with words how much each of these women mean to me.

I’ve been thinking for days, the right a word to call this project…. how can I come up with one or two words to express from my heart how much they mean to me?? Then, there it was starring me right in the face just- yesterday!!!!! I saw it in a post from my dear soul-sister Mary, the words ” SOUL TRIBE” My heart jumped, YEEESSSS!

I call them my Soul Tribe!

“When you meet someone from your soul tribe, you feel you all ready know them”  Annie Kagen

I decided I wanted to give something back to these women. I wanted each of them to have a little gift from my heart. knowing each day when they look at this card that they are loved and how much they shine into my life.

One cold, snowy weekend- I felt the inner urge for a new art project, so I posted, asking this group to share with me their guiding word for 2014.   What is a guiding word??? A guiding word or mantra, a word to inspire, focus and lead you on your path. I could also go on about the healing power of words and how they deeply affect us, click here to read a little about healing mantras.

I thought I would get maybe 10-20 responses, but NOPE, 120 responses came shining through!

 Now the fun begins! My project!!! To make 120 cards, hand painted with a lush background and a guiding word! I was soo excited, BUT could I really pull this off? 120 cards?? So I took a few deep breathes and just started one, by one…………

I had no idea what the cards would look like, what colors I would use, I just followed my intuition to trust and guide me.

The background of the cards that began to fill!

photo copy 7

photo copyEach card being so unique, just like each members of this group.

photo copy 5Backgrounds!

I began to feel a sense of excitement as I painted each one-still holding this little Secret !

I spent a few weeks, doing these anytime I could, it was a new source of inspiration for me, I felt a real sense of joy to paint each one. Even in the midst of all my other duties: tending to my four little ones, a tea business, I held on to this little secret art project, the excitement  began to build. And….. I did have to brush off FEAR, yes fear! You know when your mind plays you and a dark voice stirs, “maybe they won’t like them”, “who do you think you are, an artist???”  Yes, those times did creep in, BUT I pushed through….. I would NOT let them take hold. A few deep breathes  later, I pulled out all the words from the group that I printed out, and the words began to flow……

word colage 1 Collection of SOUL TRIBE MANTRA!

flow 1 Adding some glitter & shine on SOUL TRIBE MANTRA



Wow, I did it! 120 cards! Now these cards, await a few last touches and they are ready to journey their new home! I will be mailing each one out, to each beautiful soul tribe!

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