Art & Motherhood

In honor of the upcoming celebration of Mother’s day, I wanted to share a little bit of my experience of art & motherhood.

Some ask “how do I  do it all”? Being present with your children and making time for your art. Having enough energy at the end of the day to make time for your art?? HOW???? There have been plenty of months/years when I was not able to paint, but I channeled that intense passion for creating and put it into my line of teas, Love & Tea .    I was creating in another form- through colors, aromas and energetics of herbs. I love blending and formulating teas but I wanted more.

There have been plenty of chaotic times, the tug inspiration hits me and without warning, I see a form or pattern I must paint, BUT mama duty is on… hits me in the gut, unable to react to what is tugging at my center.. I stop to pause, breathing into my being- letting go and just then…… I am met with the sweetest hug from my little one and all that angst melts away. I will have time to paint,  I can do it.

 A gentle progression begins to grow within our family routine- more time each week, for my art.  Kids in bed, mama claims her space, in the stillness of the night…. I light a candle, brew my tea and reach for my paint brush..Freedom flows like a a gust of fresh air. I regain a part of myself that was in hibernation and I welcome her with open arms. Yes, it’s 1 AM and I am still painting! Within a few hours I will have to get up and carry on, but I know this inspiration renews my soul like no other. I am recharged.

In honor of all the mothers, I salute you!

My new pieces:


Mixed-Media piece on hemp paper.

Background art work by Jen Lashua, words by Donna Ball.


“You Are Loved”

5×7 Original on canvas

you are loved 5To purchase this piece please click here-