New Moon: Dream Jars!

Here’s an art project to blend colors and manifest your new moon dreams!

In celebration of this new moon I wanted to create a bit of ritual with my little ones, planting our dreams seeds and creating our New Moon Dream Jars!

This is a simple project you can do by your self or with your little ones,  expressing your dreams while nurturing your creativity.

Items you will need:

photo copy 2

*Old jars, * Tissue Paper ,* Foam paint brush. * Mod Podge ,* Washi Tape ,* Glitter glue, Scissors, Pens, Paper

for a super extra charging power, New moon manifestation crystal spray!

To start- begin with your clean jar, coat the outer surface with Mod Podge, place your tissue paper over the glued jar, layering as you go- paint with mod podge, tissue paper over etc.. Once your jar is dry you can add more layers with washi tape.

As my children and I decorated our jars we talked about our dreams and setting out our intentions. The importance of having dreams and to express them. How each dream is like a tiny seed, the more we love and nurture each one, the better chance they have to grow and flourish!

 You can add touches of glitter, cut out shapes or words from paper and glue on your jars- make them shine!

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While your jar is drying, start writing out your dreams on to paper and drop your dreams into your jar.

photo copy

Seal your jar and spray over it with some New moon manifestation crystal spray!

photo copy 3New moon dreams are born!

~Happy New Moon~