Mantra Magic day 5 of 30 ” Magic Within”

Day 5 of 30

“Magic Within”

Original, on 5 ” round canvas

Mantr Magic day 5

This piece is infused with a very special gem stone and essential oil blend made by Elle at Drawing Within.

Elle’s blends are superior quality, handcrafted and invoked with Reiki . Elle’s  blends are not diluted like most on the market so your are getting the full benefits from her blends & super charged power!

This piece is super infused with with VERY Special  New Moon Manifestation Crystal blend: invokes self-discovery, manifestation of dreams, discovering your true desires, and lots and lots of change.

  • CITRINE:  An energizing manifestation stone that works with the solar plexus to initiate action and transform dreams into reality.
  • IOLITE:  This stone helps intuition and manifestation to work together in harmony.  It invokes motivation, energy, and is a traditional stone used to attract abundance.
  • PYRITE:  This sparkly stone protects from negative energy, invites mental clarity, focus, and determination while also enhancing creativity.

  • CLEAR QUARTZ:  A favorite stone of mine, quartz amplifies the energy of the other stones and also your intentions while bringing clarity to ideas.
  • CINNAMON OIL:  Just a hint of this oil Invites joy and bliss, it is used in rituals to attract abundance and income.


To purchase this mini piece click here or the photo above, this is an original so there is only 1 available!


Today I also have the pleasure of introducing  you a very special guest and soul sister, Elle the magical creatrix of these powerful blends I have been adding to my pieces.


Here’s what Elle had to share, “One of my favorite rituals is to create something for someone else. When Jen asked me to be a part of her project, I knew that I wanted to make a crystal essence spray just for her. In the creation of her blend, it felt like a prayer. I feel like this when I make anything for someone else — like there is a mix of energies infusing together, like there is something magical happening.

When I begin the process of creating a custom blend for someone, I start off by meditating on the person’s energies. Then, usually words come to me, telling me what is needed. When I meditated and thought about what I wanted to put in Jen’s blend, Quartz made herself known. Quartz and Laser Quartz were both used, and they work with inviting in clarity, calm, focus, and healing.  There is something so beautiful about quartz — it’s stunning in such a simple way. Then, scent started flowing in. This blend needed to be spiritual but feminine, something that flowed from the heart. Frankincense, Rose, and Jasmine asked to be in the blend, and they combine perfectly together. Then, the ritual began. Water was charging, scent was infusing, and Reiki was flowing. I cleared the energies of the bottle, stones, and water with sage smoke and said a prayer. I wrote a petition to Spirit and placed it underneath the charged water, knowing that the words would be infused into Jen’s blend.

I called upon Saraswati, goddess of the arts and wisdom. I closed the creation process in the way it all began — with meditation. I imagined my crystal essence spray being used to inspire Jen, to give her clarity to her vision, to invite in a sense of the sacred, a sense of her divine feminine. I am so honored to be a part of Jen’s creative process in this way. I am overjoyed by the work she is creating and the mantras that are coming up for her in her artwork. This collaboration is definitely full of positive energy.”

Please be sure to visit her web site by clicking the photo’s or the link here to experience your own kind of magic!


Thank you Elle for your powerful work!