Mantra Magic Day 6 0f 30 “Those Who Bring Sunshine”

Day 6 of 30

Original on canvas, 5 x7 w/ gold leaf.

“Those Who Bring Sunshine”

Mantra Magic Day 6

This piece is infused with a very special gem stone and essential oil blend made by Elle at Drawing Within.

Elle’s blends are superior quality, handcrafted and invoked with Reiki . Elle’s  blends are not diluted like most on the market so your are getting the full benefits from her blends & super charged power!

This piece is super infused with a VERY Special custom blend:

  • Jasmine: Sweet, exotic and floral, Jasmine works with bringing in sensuality to the heart space.
  • Rose Otto: This lovely scent works directly with the heart chakra, releasing fears and fortifying self-esteem.
  • Frankincense: This scent has been used for over 5000 years as a part of spiritual practice. It is traditionally used to help you establish a deep connection to your soul and discover your true purpose. Frankincense offers a centering, uplifting, and secure energy.
  • Quartz Laser Points:: Focus | Clarity |  it is renowned to work on a deep physical level and nourish the body. Their double point really helps one to focus energy and intention. They are full of clarity with what needs to be done, especially when charged with an intention.

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