Mantra Magic Day 7 of 30 “Dream. Inspire. Create.”

Day 7 of 30

Original on canvas, 5 x8

“Dream, Inspire, Create”

SOLD, thank you!

day 7

This piece is infused with a very special gem stone and essential oil blend made by Elle at Drawing Within.

Elle’s blends are superior quality, handcrafted and invoked with Reiki . Elle’s  blends are not diluted like most on the market so your are getting the full benefits from her blends & super charged power!

This piece is super infused a with VERY Special  Priestess Circle Crystal Essence blend.

  • Frankincense:  This scent has been used for over 5000 years as a part of spiritual practice.  It is traditionally used to help you establish a deep connection to your soul and discover your true purpose.  Frankincense offers a centering, uplifting, and secure energy.
  • Jasmine:  Sweet, exotic, & floral, Jasmine works with bringing in sensuality and sacredness to your living space.
  • Sage:  This grounding scent has been traditionally used to clear negative energies by native peoples for centuries.
  • ESSENCE: Citrine:  Like a ray of sunshine, citrine lights up your energy field.  Citrine clears up any negative energies that might be dwelling in your space.
  • Carnelian:  A grounding stone, carnelian is so fantastic with clearing energies that it’s actually used to cleanse other stones!  Carnelian works with the root chakra, our chakra associated with the home.
  • Amber:  This material adds sweetness, vitality, and and new energy into your home.  Amber is known for absorbing negative energy and transforming it into something positive.  It is known for its protective qualities and can be worn to protect your energy field or sprayed in the air to protect your home.
  • Amethyst:  Amethyst protects & cleanses the home, space, and self.  The essence of this stone adds in a bit of intuitive guidance to the blend.
  • Smoky Quartz:  This is one of the more powerful stones that I have added to my collection.  She grounds, protects, cleanses, and brings clarity.


To purchase this mini piece click here or the photo above, this is an original so there is only 1 available!