Mantra Magic day 28 of 30

Day 28

“Listen To The Whispers”

Original on canvas. Size 5x 8.

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day 28

This piece is infused with a very special Essential oil blend From Anna & Jennifer.

This Special Soul Sister Blend  is created by Anna Winfield,

Celebrating Mother Nature’s bounty and beauty is Anna Wingfield’s primary inspiration in creating her healing line of natural and nurturing products for home, heart and soul. Taking notes from Native American and Shamanistic styles and traditions, the Spanish word curandera is music to her ears and to her heart. It makes her dream of what is possible right here and right now with the gentle yet powerful medicine that is ever-present in plants and flowers, medicine that can truly heal and enhance our everyday lives. To learn more about Anna and her products please visit her web site by *clicking here*

  • Frankincense oil is used to increases spiritual awareness and meditation
  • Orange oil brings peace and fosters happiness to the body & mind. Wild Orange is known as the oil of Abundance. Jennifer states, “It truly is a sweet and uplifting elixir. You will notice a positive change in yourself and in your loved ones when diffusing Wild Orange on a regular basis”
  • Ylang-Ylang oil: is calming and relaxing and enhances sexual energy.

  • Soul Support Flower essence brings strength and stability during emergencies, stress, trauma and transformation, while providing support to rejuvenate and restore balance on all levels.