Mantra Magic Day 29 of 30

Day 29

“Dance, Love, Sing, Live”

Original on canvas. Size 5x 8.

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day 29

This piece is super infused with VERY Special flower Essence & Essential oil blend!

This essential oil blend is from Miriam Carl From Kindred Earth Botanicals. Miriam is, Certified Aromatherapist providing  therapeutic use of essential oils to support health on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. To find out more about Miriam’s work and her aromatherapy products please visit her web site by *clicking here*

This piece is infused with these oils ;

  • Geranium oil:  helps to imbue a sense of grace, beauty, and balance.
  • Sweet Orange oil: is a happy, uplifting oil that brings in the sunshine.
  • Patchouli oil is meditative, sensual, and grounding.

Flower essence from Amy;

  • Custom Flower essence infused in this piece – The flowers in this blend encourage greater self care and deepens her self love.
    This blend enhances the sensuality of her body, and deepen her sexual appreciation of herself and her current (or future) lover.
    They nudge her to take moments of gratitude for the beauty in her current life, and a belief that life will continue to get better and better.
    Fostering appreciation, connection and joy where the power of manifesting flourishes.

An extra special bonus, after each painting is completed, it is infused with Spirit-led healing energy.