Mantra Magic Day 30!!

Day 3o

“If You Can Dream “
Original on canvas. Size 5x 8.
This mantra really spoke to me for many reasons, esp. on this 30 day journey. I never ever expected so much love, encouragement and inspiration from so many people. I want to thank everyone who liked my work, shared it, bought it and was there for me each step of the way….This was a DREAM come TRUE!

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day 30

This piece has a little bit of magic from everyone who participated in this journey! Essential oils from Jennifer, Miriam, Anna. Flower and Gem stone Essences from Elle & Amy. I’m o grateful to each one of these amazing practitioners for sharing their gifts to the world!

This piece is SUPER infused with essential oils of

  •   Wild Orange is known as the oil of Abundance. Jennifer states, “It truly is a sweet and uplifting elixir. You will notice a positive change in yourself and in your loved ones when diffusing Wild Orange on a regular basis”
  • Geranium oil:  helps to imbue a sense of grace, beauty, and balance.
  • Sweet Orange oil: is a happy, uplifting oil that brings in the sunshine.
  • Patchouli oil is meditative, sensual, and grounding.
  • This Special TRUST YOURSELF Blend is created by Anna Winfield,
  • Neroli for manifesting our desires.
  • Green bog orchid stimulates the gentle release of pain and fear from deep levels of the heart; expands awareness of one’s inner nature; supports a deeper heart connection with others and with all of the kingdoms of nature.
  • Soul Support Flower essence brings strength and stability during emergencies, stress, trauma and transformation, while providing support to rejuvenate and restore balance on all levels.

Custom Flower essence infused in this piece is from Amy -” The flowers in this blend encourage greater self care and deepens her self love. They enhance the sensuality of her body, and deepen her sexual appreciation of herself and her current (or future) lover. They nudge her to take moments of gratitude for the beauty in her current life, and a belief that life will continue to get better and better. Fostering appreciation, connection and joy where the power of manifesting flourishes.

  • An extra special bonus, after each painting is completed, Amy infuses the entire work with Spirit-led healing energy.
  • This piece is super infused with with VERY Special  New Moon Manifestation Crystal blend: invokes self-discovery, manifestation of dreams, discovering your true desires, and lots and lots of change.

    • CITRINE:  An energizing manifestation stone that works with the solar plexus to initiate action and transform dreams into reality.
    • IOLITE:  This stone helps intuition and manifestation to work together in harmony.  It invokes motivation, energy, and is a traditional stone used to attract abundance.
    • PYRITE:  This sparkly stone protects from negative energy, invites mental clarity, focus, and determination while also enhancing creativity.

    • CLEAR QUARTZ:  A favorite stone of mine, quartz amplifies the energy of the other stones and also your intentions while bringing clarity to ideas.
    • CINNAMON OIL:  Just a hint of this oil Invites joy and bliss, it is used in rituals to attract abundance and income.