Working through winter with watercolors

 Despite the harsh temp’s here in Vermont, it was -47 this past weekend, yes that’s -47 below zero!!!!!  This a.m. I woke up to a brisk -20!

Through it all I decided to break out my watercolors, here are the results.

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Inner Wisdom –

Hand painted, original.

Size 10 x 7 on watercolor paper. 140 lb.

Color energetics of this piece:
Blue: Relaxes the mind, it’s the color of communication, pure mind, spirituality and philosophy. Blue is the color associated with the fifth chakra, the throat area, which is the center for creative power, speech, listening, hearing, knowledge. Blue is the color for truth, devotion, calmness and sincerity. Blue is the color of intuition and higher knowledge. Blue promotes solitude and is the color for meditation and spiritual expansion.

Turquoise: Represents open communication from and between the heart and the unspoken word. It relates to transformation, evolution, change, the inner teacher, and the spiritual heart. Turquoise works on the Thymus Chakra, this chakra connects us with energies of spiritual love and mystical communion. Turquoise calms the mind and is cooling to the nervous system, supportive and protective, and strengthens the body. It is very grounding and is commonly used during meditation and spiritual activity.

White: Is strengthening, promotes purity and spirituality. White represents new beginnings, helping in times of stress. White is the color of protection, encouragement, purity, and brings peace and comfort.

Inner wisdom

Inner wisom 2

Infinite Love Mandala SOLD



photo copy

Breathe, Trust, Flow-

Hand painted original, Size 10 x 7 on watercolor paper. 140 lb.

Breathe, Trust, Flow- these words can be added to the piece or as is, please let me know if you want these words add in the notes in check out.

Size 10 x 7 on watercolor paper. 140 lb.

Color energetics of this piece:

The feather is an ancient symbol, it represents truth, speed, lightness, flight and ascension, prayer, divinity, and progress. Feathers symbolize peace, up-liftment, joy and lightness. Above all, feathers come to us as gifts.

Magenta: Helps create harmony and balance in every aspect of life. Magenta is uplifting, it is an instrument of change and transformation. It helps release old emotional patterns and aids us in moving forward. It is the color of happiness, cheerfulness, contentment and appreciation for what you have acquired and achieved.

Yellow: Is the color of creativity and new ideas. Yellow helps us find new ways of doing things. Yellow helps clear thinking and quick decision making.

Orange: Represents friendship, social communication and interaction. Orange helps restore balance to our physical energies. Orange is the color of joy, abundance and creativity.

Breathe Trsut Flow