The Making of Mantra Cards

Today I wanted to share a bit about the process of what goes into making Mantra Cards.

 I start by hand painting each piece, letting my intuition guide me on what colors to work with. Each color has an energetic quality that affects our physical and emotional bodies. Being a certified color-aroma therapist, I share this knowledge through each of my paintings.

What is a Mantra?

A Mantra is a sacred sound, word or grouping of words said in repetition and are believed by some to have psychological and spiritual benefits.

Why are Mantra’s important?

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How to use Mantra cards:

Use to create a scared altar space, use for daily inspiration, and share the gift of positive affirmations.


 Creating Backgrounds~

photo copy 7

photo copy

After the backgrounds are painted I then choose the words to go on each card.

Painted mantra 2

Then gem stones are added to each top card in the set of 6.


Packaging each set of cards

Packaged Mantra cards