Wild & Free

My new piece, Wild & Free

wild and free J.Lashuaart

It’s been a while since I’ve felt the energy to paint after an unexpected death in the family. This piece came to me over the weekend in the moment of creative flow. Often it’s hard for me to find time for myself: while balancing and nurturing my creative side AND mothering my  small children. Among the chaos comes flow.

The mother bird represents a mothering nature, looking over us, protecting, guiding and caring. The Dream Catcher represents the need to have dreams and make a place in our daily lives for them. The words “Wild & Free”  represents the freedom that comes when we speak from our hearts, to believe in our dreams, to be free in our expressions and to let go of all expectations and not having to worry what others will think. To live and create with intention and purpose. Let your heart sing.Let your song be heard. Be Wild & Free.

This is one of a kind,  *Click here to purchase*