New Art!

I wanted to share one of my new pieces that I’m installing this week for the Montpelier Art Fest this Saturday Oct. 3rd.

The Process:

I’ve lost count of how many layers of paint went into this canvas and I’m sure just looking at you would be surprised. I’ve spent the last four nights painting past 1 am to finish this up for the install.

This is a totally new style for me and I truly enjoyed every minute of creating this piece.

This piece has a very special significance. As many of you know, a few months back we had an unexpected death in the family, my dear uncle. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of him.  It burns a hole in my heart that if he had not had that “routine surgery” he would still be here with us. Enjoying playing with my four young children  and tending to his beautiful garden. My dear uncle loved the garden and growing flowers, he got this from his grandmother (my great-grandmother ) her love of plants. My family’s love for plants carried on to me, it’s one thing that fueled my passion to further study plants at The Rocky Mt. Center For Botanical studies, where I became a certified herbalist.

When my uncle passed I was frozen with grief, I could not paint. I felt like I was literally stuck in mud.

I think this quote sums it all up


 I was stuck, weeks of being unable to paint, being in the grief, heartache and pain and trying to understand why.. the fog finally lifted, I was ‘out of the mud’ able to pick up my brushes, heart still tender but and I knew I wanted to paint something in his memory.

The Layers:

this is the 3 rd layer where I really felt like flowers were going to emerge. I was stuck here for a few months.

1st layer paint mojo

Final piece, still not sure of the just name yet…..

24 x 3o on canvas


detail shot