Guest Designer blog post with Laura K. Bray Stamps

I was recently asked to do a guest designer post with Laura K. Bray’s NEW line of stamps.

These stamps are fun and add a bit of whimsy to any project!

I decided to do a set of coasters! These make great hostess gifts or adds an artistic flare to any table decor.

Here’s a quick tutorial to make your own set!

Supplies needed:

  • Laura K. Bray’s “Tea in the Garden Stamp set” Click here to order
  • Paper board coasters ( I found a supplier on Etsy)
  • Ink pads
  • Craft paint
  • Heavy duty scissors or XActo knife
  • Craft paint
  • Paint pens (optional)
  • Paint brush

Step 1:

You’ll need to use heavy duty scissors or XActo knife to cut out these stamps. Once you have them cut, use a clear acrylic block to place stamp on.

2. Choose ink color, stamp design on coaster. I choose the sweet little bird and flower to use.



Step 3: Then choose color craft paint for the back ground of coaster. I painted the back ground surrounding the stamp design. I choose Navy paint for this coaster.

I choose Turquoise for this coaster and love the contrast with the red ink for the bird!

I painted colors to the inside of each flower petal and decided to leave the bird as I really loved the white contrast inside of it.

I decided to make another set of coasters using the flower stamp and magenta paint.

Step 4: Details

I then decided to take the design a bit further by adding details to each coaster using paint pens, this is totally optional but really gives a finished look to the coasters!

I filled in the flower design (on the magenta coasters with my sliver paint pen.)

I added small details and then used my gold paint pen around the edges of each coaster to give it a shine!

Adding gold to the edges of each coaster:


Step 5: Varnish

I also used a spray vanish to seal in each coaster to ensure no moisture would get into the coaster.


Here’s the finished creations! I’m so pleased how these came out I had to use them with my morning coffee.

Really love this design!