Gratitude & Giving

“The effect of one good-hearted person is incalculable.” Oscar Arias ~

Gratitude and Giving is an essential element of my art. I choose to create art that gives a little beauty back.

My Gratitude:

Below is some of my work that I have gifted, click each picture to reveal the story!

‘ Believe ‘

SCAN1 copy 2

 I donated 100 wall decals of my art work to the Golisano’s Children’s Hospital at Strong Hospital in Rochester, NY. This piece was included in 100 holiday gift baskets given to sick and terminally ill children.

‘ Soul Tribe Mantra ‘

133 cards, hand painted with a lush background and a guiding word!

word colage 1

‘Soul Journey ‘

This piece was offered as a gift, for a pledge donation to musicians Maggie Hollinbeck and Graham Sobelman  for the release of their first recording – ‘Another Shade of BLUE’, a start-to-finish interpretation of Joni Mitchell’s landmark album -Another Shade of BLUE’,

Soul Journey





With my deepest gratitude,