In Praise


~Testimonials of my work~

  • “Oh my God, Jen…I was so nervous to open this up and see what you’ve created – it is PERFECT! And gorgeous and reflects me so sweetly. I love, love, love it!!!! The more I look at it, the more excited I get. I can’t wait to hang it up somewhere special. You have amazing, amazing talent!! And your artwork makes me so happy I have the piece I bought from you late last year, in my living room and I smile every time I see it’s vibrant colors smiling at me. Beautiful!”- Lisa Laforte Miller of NY.


  •   “My birthday mantra arrived! I truly am so blessed! I love it Jen! Thank you!
    A picture cannot capture the beauty of this painting. There is gold sparkling dust throughout and the colors are so vibrant. Infused with gems and oils.  Oh I love this so much. It is simply amazingly beautiful. Thank you so much! I cannot stop smiling!” –Joni of Arizona.


  • “Oh Jen Your connection to Spirit is amazing. I’m in tears. Truly. This is such an important message for me in the immediate sense and also in the general.” – Amy Hendrickson, flower essence & reiki practitioner, owner of  Grateful Heart healing


  • Jen’s artwork is a prayer, So beautiful and perfect. Jen’s magic is palpable.  –Anna Wingfeild,  aromatherapist and flower essence practitioner, owner of  Napa Valley au Naturel.


“I love looking at my beautifully painted mantra everyday. It hangs above my table where I create. After I received my painting, I was motivated to clean my work space. I believe the essential oils and aromatherapy integrated in the painting helped me achieve this with ease” – Lesa of Oregon.

I love Jen’s art work and am honored that some of her creativity is lighting up our living room in the form of Kwan Yin. Her work brings much joy and warmth to our home and a big smile to my face. And not just mine! I’ve had several people comment on her piece. Her work is truly inspired and clearly comes from the heart. ” –Eleni Livitsanos, Shamanic Practitioner and Energy Worker of The Great Round.

“The love and care that were put into this item were palpable and the recipient loved it just as much as I did. The extras such as the packaging and note were the icing on an already delicious cake. Thank you, Jen” –Brittany of RI.

 “My friend LOVED it. You do an amazing job and all your items are beautiful!”- Monica, of Arizona.

“Came home after traveling since Wednesday. Look what was waiting for me, I love it!! Thank you so so much!!!!” –Jennifer of  Maryland and owner of

“Jen’s art provides healing and power and feminine strength for those who invest in her craft. Her spirituality and sweet sensitive nature is depicted through her uses of color, objects, and words.” -Hannah Kile of CA. Singer/songwriter of

“It’s safely in my home and I love it dearly.
Thank you so much sweet friend, I shall treasure this
Forever”- Joanna Jones of Canada and owner of Joanna’s Creative Cookies

“Jen, I absolutely adore my painting. The images were gorgeous, but did not capture the stunning depth of the colors you created. Thank you!”- Paula Kelly of VA

“Every day I have been a witness to you creating beauty and sharing it with the world. Your art is a gift, and I am so happy you share it with the world. Thank you for helping make this world a brighter and more beautiful place. xoxo” -Sheila of Canada

Jen’s work reflects how much she works from the heart. Her art has depth and has soul. A kind person and a great talent.” – Heather Shafer  of CA,  Dream Coach, and an Inspiration/Authentic Living Coach, of  To Live Inspired

Jen I got my art today words can’t express how much I love it x thank you so so so much“- Molly Clearyof Ireland.

My home is blessed with  Jen’s painting named Heart Song, and, quite simply, looking at it makes me come alive, makes all the cells in my body sing'”-Mary McConnell Of  the United Kingdom and Owner of Star Therapies

“I have had the honor of knowing Jen for almost 10 years, leaning on each other as new mothers then mothers of many. My family have been Love & Tea loyalists for just as long. I was thrilled when Jen began to truly take her art work to a grander scale and making it available for us to have in our homes. I love seeing her inspiration on my walls each day, and I love that the pieces that I have were either created for me with all of her love and intentions in each stroke, and that I am able to gift her love and intention to others to be inspired and loved by.

I love that I can support such a strong, amazing and hardworking creative woman live her hearts work and share it with the world. Having her teas and her artwork feels like I have a piece of her heart here in our home, especially since my friend is so far from us.”-Ursula Zamora of Florida.

“I haven’t even written in the journal I got from Jen yet…..I can’t get past the cover. It’s so beautiful. I know there is something very special waiting to be done in this book and the book itself will help create the magic.” -Krista yoga teacher of Michigan.

Omg, omg, omg!!!! Guess what arrived today?? I thanked Sheila, and she told me she had you pick out the piece using your intuition. Which freaks me out a bit, because my new ritual this summer has been to read Rumi every morning. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this piece. It’s already hung in my dining room area, where everyone seems to gather at my house. Sheila had told me today she wanted a piece of magic hanging in my home. Thank you so so very much for conjuring it for me” – Wendy of Michigan.

“Jen Lashua amazes me with her endlessly creative, beautiful, inspirational work. I have ordered paintings and greeting cards from J Lashua Art and every piece is even more stunning in person. I always look forward to seeing her new creations and highly recommend her work!” – Miriam C, Certified Aromatherapist and owner of Kindred Earth Botanicals.

“Jen’s work is beautiful and inspiring. Each time I receive a piece, not only is the art amazing but the thoughtful packaging is a delight. I return to her pieces frequently for renewal and inspiration.” – Lisa Coppola of NY

“I was so excited to receive my art from Jen. I loved the way it looked online, but was even more delighted to see it in person. I love every intricate part of the piece and smile every day when I look at it.”Laura-Jeanne  photography of Canada

“I was so drawn to one of Jen’s journal’s ‘She dared she could, so she did’ – it spoke to me and I just knew that I wanted those words and that beautiful colour pallet, in my hands.  Swiftly it was in the post and winging its way to the UK.  I use it as my gratitude journal and I am so taken with it.  Jen’s art and how she brings each canvas to life is so inspiring – I love watching her work – truly beautiful.”- Julia Dolowicz, Artist of Liverpool, England.

“Jen has a way of intuitively and lovingly provide just the right healing salve of creativity that your heart needs. Her artwork is both visually stunning and emotion provoking…you’ll find yourself gazing at the intricacies of the colors that she chose and smiling to yourself as you keep going back to it. Jen’s passion for life and for the spirit of a woman’s journey in this world shows up in everything that she does. It’s amazing how much talent, tenacity and tenderness this woman is filled up with! She has an innate ability to feed our souls with the colors of her art and the comforting well-being of sipping on the teas that she makes from nature’s bountiful sprinkles of herbs & flowers. Jen’s extra care that she takes in providing her offerings is apparent and as soon as you open your package, you will gasp at the beauty that you are beholding. She is the first person that I think of and who I go to when there is someone I know who’s heart needs a hug!”-Dawn Markley Webster of

“Dear Jen,

I purchase your beautiful journals at Capitol Stationers. I’ve purchased several of them over the last couple of years.

The real miracle here, is that having them actually leads to my journaling! I love to journal and its benefits for me are truly magical.

The problem has long been, getting myself to settle down and write. Since childhood and adolescence, most of my “journals” have become notebooks instead.

There’s just something about your cover art and the journals themselves, that draws me in so that I actually journal, and frequently.

Your art and the journals are not only lovely, but seem to be infused with love.

I just wanted to reach out, let you know this, and say thank you so much.