Tao ~ The Way

Sumi Ink & Watercolor on paper Tao ~ The Way: A path of action To Confucius Tao became the way of moral rectitude-the way we do what we do. It was Lao-tzu who… Continue reading


Water color on Paper


                                                                                         Sumi Ink & Watercolor on paper

With Grace

Sumi Ink with Watercolor on paper


Sumi Ink with Watercolor on Paper ~Harmony~ According to the Chung Yung  “Once chung and ho are established, heaven and earth maintain their proper position, and all creatures are nourished.” Harmony; that time… Continue reading

Grandmother Moon

Watercolor on Paper


 Watercolors with Sumi ink on paper. Reverence. Calling of ancient power. An excerpt from the book Animal Speaks; by Ted Andrews “Because of their size, color and shape, elephants and clouds have been… Continue reading