Nothing Above A Whisper

My Newest piece “Nothing Above A Whisper“ The butterfly totem is a symbol of powerful transformations, it represents inner journeys and dreams. It is  a symbol of joy and lightness of being. In… Continue reading

Where Feathers Fall

My new Mandala for my upcoming art exhibit next month.  Written on the sides of this piece is this quote: “Where Feathers Fall, Angels Tread & Gypsies Roam” So loving the texture on… Continue reading

In The Family of Things

I just finished this piece for my upcoming art exhibit next month. This quote by Mary Oliver really spoke to me. I painted these words on the canvas. “You do not have to… Continue reading

Wild & Free

My new piece, Wild & Free It’s been a while since I’ve felt the energy to paint after an unexpected death in the family. This piece came to me over the weekend in… Continue reading

The Making of Mantra Cards

Today I wanted to share a bit about the process of what goes into making Mantra Cards.  I start by hand painting each piece, letting my intuition guide me on what colors to… Continue reading

New Moon Dream Jars

I wrote this original post for the Crafter’s Workshop Design Team. Since the New Moon is tomorrow I decided to show you how to create your very own New Moon Dream Jars. This… Continue reading

Chalking it up to Summer Fun

Being an artist and a mom, I’m constantly trying to find engaging activities for my young children while nurturing my creativity. Alas the creation of these new, hand painted chalk boards!  I hand-… Continue reading

Hand Painted Home Decor

My newest projects in home decor! I’ve been hand painting on mugs, cloth napkins & creating coasters , click each photo to visit my etsy shop to get your very own.  

Print GIVEAWAY & JUNE desk calendar

Feeling the impact of Mercury in retrograde right now? Celebrating the flow of your magical life? How can you or a loved one use some color joy in your life? Feel free to… Continue reading

Healing the heart with art

It’s been sometime since I have posted.  I have been trying to keep up with everything but, the grief of loosing a dear family member (unexpectedly) has been especially hard. I’ve been doing… Continue reading